Gray 50A Pay phone

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  RARE MODEL 50A 3 slot payphone . Circa 1912  The Holy Grail of Payphones 

One is on display at  THE SMITHSONIAN MUSEUM IN WASHINGTON, D.C. Very few exist 

THE 50A payphone  was made by a joint venture of  THE GRAY TELEPHONE PAYSTATION COMPANY and the WESTERN ELECTRIC COMPANY beginning  in 1912. Very few of  these models are known to exist which have the original cast  iron top (THOSE THAT HAVE NOT BEEN CUT FOR A DIAL), Original 50A cast iron upper housing , backboard and the extremely rare cast iron lower  housing.

  Many hours of work and dollars$$  have been spent to restore  this payphone to its original glory.

The model  50A is the rarest and most sought after 3 slot payphone.   When you deposit  a nickel you will hear one ding.. Deposit a dime and hear 2 dings.. Deposit a quarter and hear the gong sound. 

The unique features to the early 50A payphone (and found on this item) ARE : The nickle plated special receiver hook   which is cast with the correct number P-111523, WESTERN ELECTRIC  model 122 PONY  receiver stamped  WESTERN ELECTRIC with no chips or cracks but some wear on receiver cap, WESTERN ELECTRIC nickle plated star 329 transmitter  and nickle plated transmitter mount.  Original  heavy duty payphone mouthpiece which has brass threads . And patent date info (RARE), The upper housing lock is a  10E.

Original black wood terminal strip  with white lettering . WESTERN ELECTRIC double coil relay , There is a bronze  plate above the coin vault door. The coin vault door is a flat steel door   The vault door has a  CORBIN 11A and inside the vault is a model 2A COIN BOX.


The  coin gauge  is cast bronze and original. And the instruction  card cover is glass. All wiring is  old, original  Paytation wiring  and exact  color coded which  MATCH THE 50A WIRING DIAGRAM INSTALLED on the back plate . The wiring harness LACING is the correct  PAYSTATION lacing .  This cast iron back board has no bosses . It is the first and earliest version of the backboard .    

Comes with both the upper lock key and vault door key .     THERE MAYBE SOME VERY SMALL IMPERFECTIONS but the overall finish  IS EXCELLENT FOR A PAYSTATION THAT IS MORE THAN 100 YEARS OLD.THERE are some small pitting  IN THE CAST IRON ON THE LEFT AND RIGHT SIDE of the upper housing. 


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